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"The Dharalyn Chronicles"

Book 1: Changing Worlds

Book 2: Providence Calling

Book 2: Providence Calling
Providence Calling follows the further adventures of Danielle Walkerman and Dharalyn the vampire girl along with several other new characters introduced in the first book. The story continues as Dharalyn attempts to fit into the day to day life of a normal, sixteen-year-old teenager attending high school, going to parties and interacting with her peers. Of course, things get a bit touchy when she meets up once again with mob boss, Michael Moretti and warns him to stay away from both she and Danielle.

Set to come out in Late Summer/Early Fall of 2017, click on the following link to read a preview of:
Providence Calling

Book 1: Changing Worlds

Changing Worlds is primarily a dramatic, action-adventure piece following the exploits of Danielle, a sixteen year old human girl and Dharalyn, her vampire friend from another world as they deal with one challenge after another.



This novel explores the concept of how fictional characters based in a real-world setting might react when faced with something extraordinary. How would a real person react if they found out their best friend was a vampire, when we all know vampires are fictional and do not exist in the real world. The perception
of their world and its limitations would change dramatically. Lastly, Changing Worlds gets back to old fashioned, epic storytelling which engenders moral fiber, family values and a test of true friendship. Its sweeping storyline is rich with powerful imagery, extraordinary detail and depth of characters, which will provide a memorable reading experience the reader will want to enjoy again a
nd again.

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