Donald E. Dambois, Author

About Me: Or, why did I write the book?

Over the years I have written several online adventures such as, The Breold Stories, The Amazing Fantasy Adventures of Meagan & Kate, as well as an adventure for younger children called Kidz in Space. About a year ago, my niece Shaylyn, who is sixteen years of age, brought me a vampire book she wanted me to read. In the interest of improving our relationship by having a common group of books to talk about, I read the first two books of the series and had begun a third. As we discussed the things we liked about the books she read, we began talking about some of my own ideas for a vampire book. I told her I wanted to have strong characters that embodied a positive message and were in general good role models for girls her age, which she thought was a great idea. And so, I told my niece I would write her a vampire book and over the course of the preceding months produced the Novel, Changing Worlds which will be available soon. Changing Worlds, Book One of The Dharalyn Chronicles was written with love for someone very dear to me, and I hope you love it as much as she does.


Donald Dambois