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8/31: The book is entering final edit. Cover is being designed and I am making plans for a video. (Woo Hoo!)

9/27: Ordered my Author cards so that I can hand them out to people who want to buy the book. (So that people will remember the Book & Author's name.) Also, editing is 2/3rds done. Should be about 2 months away, realistically, from publishing. 

10/25: We've nearly completed the back page blurb. Here is the first draft. Write me at and let me know what you think.



Updated! 10/27/2011

Back Page Blurb for "Changing Worlds"


    Hello, my name is Danielle Walkerman and the last year of my life has been, to say the least, very unusual. First, I was praying at the clay dig where my mother and I used to search for crystals, when a strange ball of light appeared. After the light was gone I discovered a white-haired girl lying on the ground and somehow I managed to talk my father into letting her stay with us. (Oh, I almost forgot, just before that happened, she tried to kill me.) Thankfully, that ended up just being a misunderstanding, though from then on, things really got bizarre. You see, it turned out that she’s a vampire. A real, live, honest-to-goodness, white fangs and give you nightmares for a week bloodsucker. (Not a make believe one like in the books I love to read.) How did I find that out, you ask? Well, there was the strange fact that she wouldn’t eat anything at mealtimes except for a little water and fruit. (Actually, she kinda choked on the water.) Then, I caught her drinking blood from my dear old grandmother. Of course when that happened, I lost it and threw her out of the house. It only gets weirder after that. You see, eventually we made up (it’s a long story), went to the city to sell some diamonds, met some really bad people there and, oh yeah, nearly died when those people came after us. So, for better or worse, I have to admit my perceptions of life have been drastically altered. Welcome to my ever-changing world.


Danielle F. Walkerman

12/10: The final cover has been approved and here it is.

1/27/2012: Finally, the manuscript has been sent to the publisher and I will have a proof within ten days. After I approve it, (as long as there aren't many changes to make) it will go to print and be available on about two weeks later. (Looking at 3rd or 4th week of February.) WooHoo!!!

3/12/2012: The publisher is producing a 60 second Video Trailer to help promote the book. Here is the narrative for it:


    Sixteen year old Danielle Walkerman is taken on a camping trip by her father, in a last, desperate attempt to deal with the heart wrenching loss of her mother. One night while deep in prayer, something incredible occurs that will change Danielle’s life forever. She discovers the fairylike body of a beautiful young girl, a lonely wanderer who seems to be as lost and shaken in spirit as she is. A girl named Dharalyn who possesses an incredible secret.... A secret that will transform both of their lives in ways neither of them can possibly imagine. For Dharalyn, is a Sedai Novi, a powerful being from another world who needs human blood to survive. An impossible incarnation also known as: VAMPIRE!


The profound existence of a creature of myth, alive in the world of today, catapults the two girls on an epic adventure of discovery and social upheaval. Where will their journey lead them and what is the significance of the unique bond they share?


Read “Changing Worlds” by Donald E. Dambois

3/12/2012: ALSO, I had to write a Dialog for the webpage. This was done as a first-person dialog from Danielle's point of view. (Please note, this is still a work-in-progress): 
    Hi, my name is Danielle Walkerman and for the past six months there’s been a hole in my spirit I’ve been unable to remedy, rectify or resolve. You see, I lost someone very dear to me and, for a time my Dad thought I would never recover. In a strange twist of fate however, God saw fit to answer my heartfelt prayer with the unlikeliest scenario imaginable.  A new best friend, one as lost and shaken in spirit as I was. How could I have ever imagined when we first met, that my new companion was going to require regular feedings of human blood to survive and diligent efforts on both our parts to keep her profound secret from freaking people out. You see, she’s an actual, living, breathing Vampire. Not a cutesy one either, but a scary, real-life, sharp fangs and all, bloodsucking badass. This was a fact I discovered quite by accident one day when I caught her feeding on my dear old Gran. (To be fair, that’s a long story, and not, as it turns out, quite as bad as it sounds.) Anyway, after that, we got her settled in, registered in the local high school as a student, and from there on, let’s just say, things got really interesting. You see, unlike the storybook lives you read about in books, my family and I have all kinds of real world problems. Gran had a stroke and requires constant care from my Aunt Sara. We’re nearly broke... (Kinda like most people these days, I guess.) In danger of losing our land, our home and most of all my lovely horse, Biscuit. My social life, if that’s what you’d call it, resides in a desolate little suburb known as ‘The Pits’. The popular girls in school hate me. (To be fair, I don’t hold them in any special form of high regard either. Especially Melissa Wellington, who I’m pretty certain, is the spawn of.... Well, maybe we shouldn’t go there right now!)  We’ve got these mob guys giving us a lot of grief. (Actually, we kinda caused that one. We told them a phony story after Dharalyn played human dominoes with one of their toughies.)  After that, we sorta had to tell the family everything, including my Uncle Jack, who is not only an FBI agent, but who saw us down in the city skulking about. (Damn, I hope he doesn’t become a problem.) Oh, and did I mention that the people from Dharalyn’s home world may be looking for her, and if they find her here, they’ll probably take her away, put her through some bizarre trial and then kill her? Man, talk about your life changing situations! Overall and in the grand scheme of things, I guess you could probably argue that it’s all part of some grand master plan, and that life will get eventually get better. Here’s hoping we’re still alive next year to enjoy it! Welcome to my Changing World!