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Book 1: Changing Worlds

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    Changing Worlds, Book one of The Dharalyn Chronicles” by Donald E. Dambois is one of the most touching stories that I’ve read as a sixteen year old. It’s one of those books you don’t ever want to put down. After the first chapter I was hooked and it automatically caught my interest. It inspired me to be more of a loyal friend in so many ways. The friend ship bond that Dharalyn and Danielle have is very rare and as a reader I felt like I was going through everything they went through. This story bought out a lot of emotions from me. As Danielle was talking to her mother in chapter one I nearly cried. It was a moment I pictured myself in the story as Danielle feeling what she must of felt. One of my favorite ideas in the story is the fact that when Dharalyn feeds off the people she loves but she’s also doing a great deed for them. Gran can finally walk and Danielle’s acne clears up, at first they don’t realize it but soon they caught on that it was all because of Dharalyn. Another favorite part of mine is when Danielle gives the Pametra to her new friend Varvara Petralia to protect her life in chapter 20. If you ask me if other teenagers would like this book I would instantly say yes. This is definitely a book I would recommend to my friends.

Shaylyn, Age 17


    My name is Ciara and I just got done reading the book called Changing Worlds, by Don Dambois. Let me take the time to point out a few of my favorite parts in this book. One of my favorite parts of this book is when Dharalyn and Melissa defeat Michael's henchmen who invaded their school. I thought it was funny how many big strong men get beat up by two teenage girls (at least one of them is.) I enjoyed the way you get to see Dhara's strong but sensitive side that really cares for Danielle and her friends, even those who are not her friends. In this part she really acts like a true hero and best friend. I think everyone dreams of having a best friend like Dharalyn. I also like the part where Dharalyn and Danielle scare Michael into believing them when they say that they are very old vampires. It kept me wanting to read more. That part was my absolute favorite part of the book.  I also enjoyed reading the part where Danielle and Dhara get caught coming home from switching the jewels for money and have to explain what happened and why they did it, which ends out in them revealing Dharalyn's biggest secret. Another part that I liked was when Melissa and Dhara were in the cafeteria and she was giving Dhara the note. I thought it was sweet that Melissa finally let Danielle and Vee come to her party, it was the least she could do for Dhara saving her. I also thought that in the beginning of the book when Danielle disobeys orders to go rescue Dhara. It was very brave and it shows that they have a two way sister bond that they would do anything to make sure the other is okay. I could go on and on about what my favorite parts were but ultimately this entire book was one of my favorite books that I have ever


Ciara Clark, Age 14



    This book is amazing!!! It was hard to put down after I started reading it. I am so impressed. Great job! 

Here is a little bit of my feelings about the book.  First it was about a family that I could relate to and understand what they were going through like when the momma dies. The 16 year old girl goes into depression. Then the family goes to a camp spot that she and her mom loved. It was a place where they did things together, which she loved. I like how you went into detail about everything. It created a story for me that I could follow. I don't read a lot, especially not books about vampires. When I first starting reading the book it was so interesting I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. So I was getting more and more into the book and it excited me. Then as I read on, I started putting myself in Danielle's place. In real life my life was like hers when I was 16. I really got so caught up through the whole book. It kept me wanting to get to the next chapter. When she prayed to her mom, it was God that came back in a big way. And right then out of nowhere came Dharalyn. I like how the story went on from there about the two of them getting to
know each other while the rest of the family was just trying to figure out what happened. On page 23 I did not understand the words and the actions of Dharalyn though I think I figured it out in the end. I really didn't realize it was going to end like it did but I liked it a lot. I thought it was great. I think you did an awesome job. You should write more books like this and you should let me know when you do.

Kathy, Age 52



    The Dharalyn Chronicles kept me captivated from start to finish. This was a great thriller with a great cast of characters. The stunning details brought me right onto the written page. The story, the characters, the life lessons are great, this is not to be missed. I can't wait for the next book! I recommend this to everyone. The genre has a new master!


Mary Beth, Age 49



The Dharalyn chronicles (Changing worlds)

    In a time when bookstores are flooded with vampire books it’s refreshing to read one that’s unexpectedly unique. This is the story of two young women whose lives are moving in an adverse direction. Thrown
together from two very diverse worlds, both geographical and cultural, they form an extraordinary bond of friendship and together move through a life adventure that brings them back from desperate situations. Young and older generations alike will enjoy this story as it holds a little something for everyone. You
will laugh, you will cry and you will cheer as you refuse to put the book down in your fervor to see what transpires next.


Scott, Age 52

    Many years ago I was a proofreader by profession, a job I took a great deal of satisfaction in doing. Now that I am in my eighties, I still enjoy a good read. When I learned this book was being written I volunteered to do the proofreading as a favor, although I felt at first that vampire books are not my genre. However, once I began, I was quite intrigued with the story and found myself looking forward to new chapters as they became available. Although meant for the younger generation, it is a very exciting story which leaves the reader wondering “what happens next ?” I am looking forward to succeeding volumes.


Barbara, Age 81